How we work

We are better together


...are experts at integration with BizTalk and Azure as our foundation
...take on total and full commitments
...are NOT resource consultants, we always work as a team
...we establish our delivery rapidly, thanks to established teams
...think long term as a provider, partner, and employer
...can master all the layers of a solution during its full lifecycle
...have gotten really good at React development a lot with Azure, using our BizTalk experience as a foundation
...are a trustworthy advisor
...are experienced in data collection and visualization
...have delivered many solutions for membership systems
...are just the perfect size


...face challenges, regardless if it is an ongoing project, a solution on its last legs or changes in the IT landscape
...need to complement your existing solution with new integrations and services
...are seeking a reliable and trustworthy long-term partner
...need someone who takes responsibility seriously and delivers on their promises
...wish to be closer to the people delivering your solution
...see integration as a strategic advantage on the market
...feel that trust is of outmost importance in a relationship

This is us

Dekiru team members